Simple Tooth Extraction in Roswell

No one likes to have a tooth removed, but sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary to save the health of the mouth. For instance, if a tooth is badly damaged and cannot be repaired, then it will need to be extracted.

Sometimes a tooth may need to be removed to prepare a patient for orthodontics (braces). If a person has too many teeth in their mouth, some of them will have to be removed before braces can help the remaining teeth go in a straighter direction.

If you have tooth decay that goes to the nerve, then bacteria can enter the nerve, and cause an infection. Sometimes this can be fixed with a root canal, but if it is not, a tooth extraction may be needed to prevent the spread of the infection.

If you have a condition (immune compromised) that puts you at serious risk for getting an infection, then you may be given some antibiotics before and after a tooth extraction. Let Dr. Atkins know your complete medical history before you have an extraction.

If all this tooth extraction talk makes you a little nervous, don’t worry! Before removing the tooth, Dr. Atkins will make sure you are relaxed before and during the administration of a local anesthetic to numb the area to be treated. This will prevent you from feeling pain. That said, you may feel some pressure during a tooth extraction, but Dr. Atkins makes sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure and that you do not feel any pain.

After a tooth has been extracted you may require bone placement to preserve your ridge and to be a candidate for an implant. Dr. Atkins may also place a few stitches in the gum to help with the healing. The stitches are the dissolving kind, so you don’t need to worry about having them removed. A gauze pad will be placed at the site of treatment. Biting down on the gauze will help stop any bleeding.

If you are experiencing pain, your tooth and/or gums might be infected. It’s very important that you see us as soon as possible. Please call our office so that we can get you in quickly. An infection will not go away on its own, and the longer it lasts the more damage it can do. Don’t delay, act today.